Maritime and port operation logistics

Logistics research at KMRC focuses on maritime transport and port operations such as transport flows, transit traffic and also the ICT solutions, safety and environmental effects of transport chains. Professor Esa Hämäläinen from University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies leads the Logistics systems of maritime transport group and Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences leads the maritime and port operations group.

Maritime safety and technological development

Professor Pentti Kujala from Aalto University is responsible for the maritime safety group. Safety of maritime transport and winter navigation, science based risk management, marine traffic simulations, collision and grounding modelling, analysis of human behaviour onboard and evaluation of probable oil spills in various accidental events are the focal points of the research group at Aalto University, School of Science.

Environmental impacts of maritime transport and the marine environment

Fisheries biology professor Sakari Kuikka and multi-disciplinary risk analysis professor Samu Mäntyniemi from University of Helsinki leads the environment group. Research concentrates mainly on environmental effects of maritime transport including the effects of oil spills, hazardous substances and transport based emissions on fishing, endangered species and on recreational use. Research regarding the marine environment -eutrophication and multidisciplinary risk assessment- is also a priority.

The researchers of Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute and Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services situated at Kotka Maretarium are also  a part of KMRC.