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Lecture about sailing possibilities and challenges in the eastern Gulf of Finland, 25th of September, 2013 in Kotka

Veijo Parviainen from RescOp project gave a lecture at the Information Centre Vellamo lecture series about sailing possibilities, challenges and experiences at the eastern Gulf of Finland on 25th of September. More information about the subject:

Kymen Sanomat 13.9.2013 (in Finnish)

Kymen Sanomat 14.6.2013 (in Finnish)


Safety of navigation - VTS centres and SAR cooperation possibilities - Seminar in Kotka in March, 2013

"Safety of navigation - VTS centres and SAR cooperation possibilities" seminar was held on 19th - 20th March 2013 in South Kymenlaakso Vocational College Ekami, Kotka.


Maritime Safety - Overcoming Challenges - Seminar in St Petersburg in September, 2012

”Maritime Safety – Overcoming Challenges” Seminar was held succesfully on  25th – 26th September 2012 in Hotel Oktyabrskaya, St Petersburg. Russian webportals informed about the results of the seminar:

 Port News 25.9.2012 (in Russian)

 Russian Shipping 25.9.2012 (in Russian)

 Port News 25.9.2012 (in Russian)

Joint SAR exercise in Totleben in August

Russian voluntary maritime rescue society of Kronstadt organizes a joint SAR exercise event annually in Totleben fortress near St.Petersburg and this year the event also included a seminar with Finnish participants from RescOp project partners and associates. Read more form the Kotka Lifeboat Association's website (in Finnish).

Escadron from Kotka to St.Petersburg in June

This summer, a group of Finnish boaters sailed to St.Petersburg in a formation of 15 yachts. This escadron was the first escadron ever to be escorted and safeguarded by Russian search and rescue volunteers and sailing was smooth. Stay tuned for a detailed travelogue!

Article in Kymen Sanomat 27.4.2012 (in Finnish)

Article in YLE News 19.6.2012 (in Finnish)

Baltic Sea Village in Kotka in July

RescOp was present at the Baltic Sea Village located within the Kotka Maritime Festival area from 26th- 28thof July. Together with us, a tentful of Baltic Sea experts presented their actions for a better and safer Baltic Sea. Thank you all for visiting!

SeaTec2012 @ Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre

RescOp attended the SeaTec Helsinki 2012 fair on 17th-19th of April. Two expert presentations were also given; Veijo Parviainen form Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences gave a presentation on how maritime safety is being enhanced by developing voluntary maritime rescue services. Floris Goerlandt for Aalto University presented the process of developing a safety management model for maritime search and rescue in the Gulf of Finland.

Tietoherkku lecture series @ Maritime Centre Vellamo, Kotka

On the 19th of April, Tanja Tuominen from Kotka Maritime Research Centre and Veijo Parviainen from Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences attended the public lecture series arranged in Maritime Centre Vellamo, Kotka to discuss maritime safety issues with the topic "In the same boat - developing maritime safety on the Gulf of Finland by Finnish-Russian cooperation".

Helsinki Boatshow @ Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre

Some of RescOp team maritime safety experts attended the Helsinki Boatshow on 18th of February 2012. More information on the subject you may find here or in Finnish here.