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Home Management

As the Lead partner, Kotka Maritime Research Association is responsible for the overall management and coordination of RescOp. On a strategic level the project is supervised by a Steering Group that consists of the following members:

Kyösti Vesterinen, Managing Director
The Finnish Lifeboat Institution

Vice Chairman
Vladimir Kuzmin, Senior Lecturer
Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy

Jaana Korjus, Project Manager
Kotka Maritime Research Association

Hannu Tuittu, deputy member Matti Erävala
City of Kotka   

Juhani Talvela, deputy member Juha Rissanen
Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences

Floris Goerlandt, deputy member Kaarle Ståhlberg
Aalto University, School of Engineering

Jori Nordström
The Finnish Lifeboat Institution

Terhi Lindholm, deputy member Jouni Lappalainen
Kotka Maritime Research Association

Sergey Aysinov
Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy

Igor V. Kalinin, deputy member Natalia Goltsova
Russian Voluntary Maritime Rescue Society

Vadim K. Goncharov
Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University

Vladimir Vasilyev, deputy member Albert Shigabutdinov
Central Marine Research & Design Institute

Igor K. Berezin, deputy member Alexandra Zhukova
Committee for Nature Use, Environmental protection and Ecological Safety (City of Spb)

Victor Ionov, deputy member Ksenia Shelest
St.Petersburg State University, Division of International Baltic and Arctic projects

Alexander V. Ivanov, deputy member Artem Fedorov
Saint-Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise