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The main objective of the project is to enhance Finnish-Russian cooperation regarding risk management to improve maritime safety and reduce transboundary environmental risks through research, development and training.

The aim is to develop knowledge based tools for risk management including the main challenges in various environmental conditions throughout the year and also in ice conditions. Improved maritime safety is a key factor in efficient and economic shipping operations in challenging conditions.

To ensure smooth traffic flow, management of risks regarding maritime operations and activities are addressed. Experience and competence of crews are the key factors in minimizing risks and a major safety element. The competence of crews is essential to ensure safe, secure and environmentally sound shipping operations. The RescOp project aims to improve these maritime training standards.

There is also need for more reliable and accurate simulation models for ice navigation to be used as a basic tool for ice navigation training. Developing a realistic ice navigation simulation model requires accurate and extensive modelling of ship manouvering characteristics and the ice-breaking process.

The project strengthens the maritime search and rescue services in the area. Efficient maritime rescue services also form a basis for developing the maritime tourism and yachting. The aim specifically is to strengthen activities of the Russian voluntary rescue society in Kronstadt on an operational level by creating internationally accepted training programme and to execute cross-border activities in the Gulf of Finland to support search and rescue officials of the area.

In addition, RescOp also prepares a system to train environmental volunteers for oil combating operations in the North West of Russia to work together with the voluntary rescue organization.