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The main objective of the project is to enhance Finnish-Russian cooperation regarding risk management to improve maritime safety and reduce transboundary environmental risks through research, development and training.

RescOp co-operates to develop competence of crews navigating in the Gulf of Finland through simulator based training and cooperation between VTS and other authorities in search and rescue (SAR) duties and in other crisis situations at sea. The aim is also to enhance cooperation between MRCC, VTS and the voluntary rescue services. This is crucial on a cross-border level too, and joint training sessions between Russia, Estonia and Finland are currently being planned.

This project aims to improve maritime training standards especially regarding VTS and SAR related activities. The need of training has to be based on knowledge, which is in turn based on an analysis of the risks and consequent risk control options. The use of crisis management simulator jointly with SAR personnel, VTS operators and navigators has been seen important in order to enhance the SAR operations effectiveness at the border zone of Estonia, Finland, and Russia and to improve the safety measures for boating near the border zone.