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Work Packages

The project consists of five Work Packages [WPs] that are further divided into subtasks. Each work package is led by a consortium member.

ADMINISTRATION and management

  • financial management and reporting
  • project internal communication
  • information dissemination
      • favorable conditions for project implementation through sound and timely project management
      • increased knowledge of maritime safety issues through efficient communication

RESEARCH on risk management - WP 1

  • developing knowledge based tools for maritime transport risk management in various environmental conditions
  • enhancing Finnish-Russian cooperation regarding risk management
  • pointing out places of high risk for accidents in order to reveal future needs for equipment and crews 
      • recommendations on the necessary rescue equipment and locations
      • improved safety through increased information

Competence of crews by TRAINING - WP 2

  • developing and organizing simulator based training to enhance the competence of crews navigating in the GoF
  • testing the new training curriculum in partner organizations by organizing joint training sessions between Russia, Finland and Estonia
  • enhancing the cooperation between key players and authorities of SAR
      • more competent crews
      • improved SAR service
      • smooth traffic flow

Voluntary rescue service DEVELOPMENT - WP 3

  • creating an internationally accepted training programme to suite specific needs of the Russian system
  • enhancing the capabilities of the newly established voluntary rescue service to the operational level
  • improving safety and security level in the GoF by offering better rescue coverage and service
      • practical training programme
      • training manual
      • defining a suitable vessel for training

TRAINING environmental volunteers - WP 4

  • establishing and training voluntary land based oil combating teams
  • planning and organizing training seminars and exercises
  • preparing a guidebook both for experts and the public aiming to participate the SAR and oil spill related operations
      • trained oil combating volunteers
      • introduction of voluntary activity in oil combating operations
      • report on establishment, management and operation of voluntary oil combating troops in Russia