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topcons underwater muok

TOPCONS project has officially closed. These TOPCONS web pages will not be updated after 2014 because the contract for the current web publishing platform closes at the end of December 2014. The web page will, however, remain here to showcase the project results and outcomes.

But fear not, also the upcoming results and publications will be added to the web: you will find the complete list of outputs later at this results site! Please note that the link to the final version of the glossary will also be updated to the new results site, you are welcome to take a look! We apologize for the inconvenience this technical shift may cause.

And finally: TOPCONS project wishes to thank all web page visitors for your interest to our project! Glad you could stop by!

Seminar presentations online!

semma nettiin

TOPCONS Final Seminar presentations have now been uploaded to the project's seminar web pages! There was ca. 60 participants in the seminar where the results and experiences accumulated during the project were highlighted and comments from the planners' point of view were heard. TOPCONS wishes to thank all the participants for showing such a great interest to the project themes!

TOPCONS @ Finnish Fishmarket


TOPCONS project participated the’ Finnish FishMarket – Seminar & Exhibition to benefit the recovery of fish stocks in regulated waters 8.-9.10.2014’ in Helsinki.

 sam 3468

There were 230 participants in this 2-day event which was held in the aptly chosen surroundings of river Vantaanjoki.

sam 3464

Researcher Meri Kallasvuo (on the left) and Information Specialist Taija Pöntinen (on the right) were presenting the territorial cooperation which has been carried out in the TOPCONS project as part of the European Cooperation Day activities.

Final seminar programme

lumme pieni

TOPCONS Final Seminar programme has now been published! You can view the programme at the seminar page, where you can also register to this open international seminar. The registration is open until 19th of November. Please note that the programme is subject to change.

The seminar will be held at the auditorium of Finnish Environment Institute (address Mechelininkatu 34) in Helsinki on 25th of November at 12:30 - 16:00. You are warmly welcome!

Interesting findings below the surface!


TOPCONS field works produce interesting findings: central American dreissenid invader Mytilus leucophaeata (dark false mussel) seems to have established its population in the eastern Gulf of Finland, represented by adult and juvenile mussels found at the same areas.

Dark false mussel dominates fouling communities, while another invader, New Zealand mud snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum dominates in macrophyte beds at sandy bottoms in area which is impacted by heated waters discharge from Leningrad nuclear power plant.

In the photo an adult dark false mussel with newly settled juvenile (red arrow) and New Zealand mud snail (blue arrow), photo by Marina Orlova / RAS.