Feature article – Hazard awareness: managing oil spill risk in the Baltic Sea

ICES has published a feature article written by Prof. Sakari Kuikka and Päivi Haapasaari from the University of Helsinki, dealing with the possibilities of managing oil spill risk in the Baltic Sea. They have proposed the establishment of a regional maritime risk governance framework for the Gulf of Finland (e.g. in the Final Report of MIMIC project).

ICES has established a new expert group to act as the scientific body for conducting the risk assessment based on this new model:  ICES Working Group of Risks of Maritime Activities in the Baltic Sea is a scientific body for conducting risk assessments in the Baltic Sea.  This working group is chaired by Prof. Kuikka, and with a first meeting in spring 2015, the initial aim will be scoping: first finding out what current methods are available and what kind of data will fit each model and then asking the stakeholders where they see the need for advice.