International Seminar for Maritime Safety and the Environment 2014 – updated programme and presentations

The International Seminar for Maritime Safety and the Environment 2014, held on 23-23 July in Kotka, gathered ca. 80 participants from around the Baltic Sea to discuss the latest challenges in maritime safety issues, and how science could enhance the situation.

Updated seminar programme.

Some photos from the seminar (at KMRC Facebook pages).

Presentations from day 2:

  • Kai Myrberg, Gulf of Finland Year 2014 Coordinator, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Markku Mylly, Executive Director, European Maritime Safety Agency
  • Sanna Sonninen, Director, Finnish Transport Safety Agency
  • René Sirol, Deputy Director General, Head of Maritime Safety Division at Estonian Maritime Administration
  • Thomas Erlund, Head of Vessel Traffic Service, Finnish Transport Agency
  • Jarkko Toivola, Chief Maritime Specialist and Head of Winter Navigation Unit, Finnish Transport Agency
  • Pentti Kujala, Professor of Marine Technology, Aalto University
  • Annukka Lehikoinen, Project Researcher, University of Helsinki