Baltic Sea Village at the Kotka Maritime Days Festival

As is now tradition, the Meripäivät Festival brings along with it to Kotka the Baltic Sea Village, which boasts a range of activities for maritime enthusiasts of all ages. This year we will be discussing ways to take better care of the Baltic Sea, including how to make your kitchen more Baltic-friendly. Have you heard of the bay barnacle, round goby, Chinese mitten crab or marenzelleria? What should you do if you notice a member of an introduced species tugging at your fishing hook? With a wealth of information on introduced species, our tent lets you plunge your hand into a vat of “introduced species goo” or take in the artistic products of our drawing contest.

You will find the Village at the North Pier (behind Vellamo).


Opening hours of the Baltic Sea Village:
Thursday 26 July, 6pm to 8pm
Firday 27 July, 10am to 6pm
Saturday 28 July, 10am to 6pm
Sunday 29 July, 10am to 2pm

30MILES at Naantali’s Saaristo Areena Event

The Naantali Boat Show saw the organisation of the inaugural Saaristo Areena event on 26 and 27 May, which discussed archipelago and coastal tourism as well as boating safety. 30MILES participated with its own stand and a panel discussion on securing a clean archipelago.

Final Seminar of the “Low-Carbon Ports” Project

The “Low-Carbon Ports” project’s final seminar was held on Thursday 27 April from 12pm to 15.30pm on the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) Kotka campus. Xamk’s Minna Lindroos explained the energy monitoring model and Tiina Vepsäläinen from the Loviisa port presented the energy savings that resulted from the project. Pekka Räisänen from Turku University of Applied Sciences discussed LNG emissions in the transport chain. In addition to the project, the seminar touched on the cooperation between the University of Applied Sciences and the private sector in the fields of energy and logistics, with concrete examples presented by industry actors.

IMISS 2015 – International Maritime Incident and Near Miss Reporting Conference

25 August 2015, Maritime Centre Vellamo, Kotka, Finland

Thank you for your participation in the event!

The topic of the IMISS 2015 conference is Safety-II thinking, which means proactive safety management approach The essential features of proactive safety management are anticipation, preparedness, responsiveness and monitoring. The internationally recognized specialist professor Erik Hollnagel is invited to give keynote lecture which is titled “Bon Voyage – Sailing Safely from a Safety-II Perspective”. Leader of one of the research groups in the Kotka Maritime Research Center doctor Jakub Montewka from Aalto University and Finnish Geospatial Research Institute will speak about proactive safety management in marine traffic. Naval Architect and Marine Engineer Dimitrios Rakas from National Technical University of Athens give a presentation about human factor onboard vessels analyzed by using near miss cases.

Second part of the seminar is dedicated to show how theory is changed into practice. Pilotage Director Kari Kosonen from Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd will describe the case Finnpilot, where the state of the art and unique application is used to collect deviation information. The application is developed in co-operation with the Kotka Maritime Research Center and the Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd. The analyst Valtteri Lainefrom Finnish Transport Safety Agency will give presentation about utilization of safety information in the Finnish Transport Safety Agency which represents a practical approach for Safety II thinkin.

Researcher Olli-Pekka Brunila from Turku University will describe a study which is aimed to show what kind of environmental assessment and management systems and practices are used in the ports in the Baltic Sea region and how affect the ports’ competitiveness. Near miss cases in environmental management systems are also notified in order to prevent possible environmental hazards. The location of harbors nearby the cities increases the importance of the matter.

INTER final seminar 2 December 2014

Development work on the Research Facilitator operational model was carried out as a survey. The aim of the survey was to identify the existing resources, needs and implementation possibilities of the Kymenlaakso region’s research support services.

The survey was implemented as a purchased service, and drew participants from eight of the region’s RDI organisations. The implementation and results of the survey have been explained in a separate document and appended to the final report (Support services for project preparation in the Kymenlaakso region, Oxford Research Oy). The survey results were presented to the region’s actors in a seminar on 2 December 2014, which laid the groundwork for the organisation and resourcing of a common project preparation arrangement. The seminar was organised in collaboration with the KyGlo, Fifi and Bridge-Moct projects.