Promoting sustainable use of shores
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GET READY project’s objective is to build capacity in the field of environmental and professional education and training of sustainable use of shores and coastal management

Promoting sustainable use of shores

GET READY aims to promote the sustainable use of vulnerable coastal areas of Eastern Gulf of Finland. The main activities of the project are:

  • establishing of the Russian-Finnish center for education, research and innovation (CERINCO)
  • development of pilot educational curricula and training programs
  • forming a top specialists’ international cohort for further development of relevant topics
  • creating methodological materials for the professional community, noticing also climate change issues


The South-Eastern Finland – Russia CBC 2014–2020 programme is the main contributor.
The total budget for the project is 812 713 EUR.

Project partners

  • Eco-Express-Service LLC (RUS, coordinator)
  • Federal State Budgetary Institution State Hydrological Institute (RUS)
  • Saint Petersburg State University (RUS)
  • University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies (FIN)
  • South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK (FIN)
  • Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE (FIN)
  • Kotka Maritime Research Association Merikotka (FIN)

Implementation time

1.5.2019 - 30.4.2022