Kotka Maritime Research Centre

Research for sustainable maritime activities

Advancing sustainable maritime activities 

Kotka Maritime Research Centre (Merikotka) is specialised in the interdisciplinary research and development of maritime transport and logistics, considering a variety of aspects. The shared vision of the research community operating under the Centre is to advance the comprehensive sustainable development of maritime sector by the means of collaborative science.

Cutting-edge research by four universities

Merikotka’s Core Research Network consists of the scientists and experts working at the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Turku, and South-Eatern Finland Univeristy of Applied Sciences (XAMK). Kotka Maritime Research Association (KMRA) acts as a primus motor coordinating, managing, and facilitating the interdisciplinary collaboration and implementationof the shared operating strategy. The Association operates under the suprevision of a board, led by the City of Kotka.

Founded by the City of Kotka

Merikotka was founded in 2005 at the initiative of Kotka. Seafaring and marine logistics forming a key area of industry in the city, Kotka wanted to know more about the risks and opportunities related to maritime transport. The city financially supports the the Merikotka professorships at the member universities, as well as the basic operation of the Association. 

Extensive cooperation network

Beyond academia, Merikotka works closely with a great number of experts and stakeholders of related fields, maintaining continuous dialogue to ensure the relevancy and applicability of the research outputs. Our partiners include such organisations as the Finnish Environmental Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Metsähallitus, as well as the development company Cursor Ltd, South Kymenlaakso Vocational College (Ekami), and Kotka Maretarium.