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The “Growth prospects for maritime traffic in the Gulf of Finland 2007–2015 and the impact of growth on the environment and the functioning of transport chains” project used scenarios of traffic volumes to assess changes in accident probabilities as well as the scope and environmental impacts of possible oil spills.

SAFGOF was a pioneer of multidisciplinary research at the Kotka Maritime Research Centre.


Provided by the EU’s Regional Funding instrument.


Kotka Maritime Research Association (coordinator)
University of Helsinki
University of Turku
Aalto University


Public lecture

At worst, an oil spill can disturb hundreds of kilometres of coastline. The current situation is alarming, and the consequences far-reaching – explanations are needed for why these accidents happen!

The free public lecture on the reasons for and consequences of oil spills is held on Tuesday 9 March from 12.30pm to 15.30pm at the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.

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Implementation time

1.1.2008 - 30.4.2011