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Collaboration and Innovation Platform for the Green Transition in Logistics (VISIIRI) project is an opening to a work aiming to develop a platform and a working model for collaboration and innovation in smart green logistics. VISIIRI will launch the work aimed at developing and implementing the platform concept by preparing a comprehensive study on the development needs of entrepreneurs in the Kymenlaakso area and implementing a hackathon event involving applied university students.


There are two main goals for the platform:

(1) Support the actors of the logistics sector to create a common situation analysis and based on that create a regional strategy for the green transition.

(2) Harness the know-how and innovation potential of the digital and circular economy sectors to solve the problems of the logistics sector considering the ambitious climate goals and their regulation.

The goal of the VISIIRI project is to participate the potential end-users of the platform already in the idea stage of the concept. The challenges and related needs faced by companies in the logistics sector as a result of the green transition will be studied with an interview survey. At the same time, the opportunities and risks that companies in both logistics, digital and circular economy sectors see in the proposed platform concept and the type of platform concept companies could see functioning will be examined (e.g. with SWOT analysis or similar methods). In addition to the interview study, a benchmarking survey of similar platform experiments will be conducted. At the end of the project, a hackathon will be organized where the applied university students brainstorm the platform concept implementation methods and tools that possibly would meet the wishes and views of the target groups.


The main contributor is a European regional development fund (EAKR) administered by Uudenmaan liitto. The total budget for the project is 151 045 €.

Project partners

Kotka Maritime Research Association KMRA

Finnhub ry

Implementation time

1.4.2022 - 31.7.2023