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The Innovative Research Network for Kymenlaakso – INTER research project brought the Research Facilitator model used by universities to Kymenlaakso in an adapted form. As a test, an application was prepared for the Horizon 2020 framework programme in collaboration with a Kymenlaakso SME focussing on growth and innovation. The aim is that by communicating these experiences, businesses can be encouraged to participate in international RDI activities and the EU’s framework programme calls.

INTER final seminar 2 December 2014

Development work on the Research Facilitator operational model was carried out as a survey. The aim of the survey was to identify the existing resources, needs and implementation possibilities of the Kymenlaakso region’s research support services.

The survey was implemented as a purchased service, and drew participants from eight of the region’s RDI organisations. The implementation and results of the survey have been explained in a separate document and appended to the final report (Support services for project preparation in the Kymenlaakso region, Oxford Research Oy). The survey results were presented to the region’s actors in a seminar on 2 December 2014, which laid the groundwork for the organisation and resourcing of a common project preparation arrangement. The seminar was organised in collaboration with the KyGlo, Fifi and Bridge-Moct projects.

Implementation time

1.1.2014 - 31.12.2014