Development of preparedness cooperation in the region of Kymenlaakso.
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The purpose of the KymVake -project is to develop regional preparedness between the educational organisations, research organisations, businesses and the third sector in Kymenlaakso. The project is implemented in collaboration between Kotka Maritime Research Association (Merikotka) and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk).

Goals of the project

The project strengthens regional and local cross-sectoral preparedness, cooperation, and expertise. Focus is especially on the cybersecurity, logistics and power supply disruptions. The role of experts from Merikotka is to develop and design relevant scenarios for digital learning platform and to collaborate with stakeholders. Merikotka also participates in the testing of a digital learning exercises and platforms. These are created in the project. The goal is to produce digital preparedness exercises for businesses, voluntary organizations, educational institutions, and authorities.

The project will be implemented through following steps

  1. Strengthening cybersecurity expertise and cooperation in companies in Kymenlaakso
    Conduct interviews and workshops for companies in the area to identify their cybersecurity needs. Based on these needs, cybersecurity exercise and information sessions will be planned and implemented.
  2. Simulation model for electricity production, storage, and distribution
    Examines the possibilities in electricity production, distribution, and storage in the project pilot area.
  3. Digital security and preparedness exercises
    Produce a test version of scenario based digital exercise platform and producing scenarios and exercises for companies, third sector and educational organisations in Kymenlaakso.
  4. Preparedness exercises
    Organising exercises for projects stakeholders. These exercises will provide material for digital learning platform and test use the developed digital exercise platform.

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Emilia Pussinen project employee +358 44 5222843

Implementation time

1.1.2024 - 31.1.2026