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The project develops and implements collaborative comprehensive security planning based on research data in the context of port logistics. The project compiles and analyses data related to occupational and environmental safety and security, involving the port-related actors of Kymenlaakso region. The aim is to identify especially the comprehensive security and safety risks posed by disruptions, such as corona-like pandemics and extreme weather events, and to assist the actors, through joint innovation and piloting, in their risk assessment and management operation. In this way, project develops the preparedness and resilience of the port sector, important also for national security of supply, to new types of risks and exceptional circumstances that may become more common in the future.


1. Current status analysis and actor network creation

The task is to compile information on the systemic safety and security level in port-related logistics companies. The studies consider risk factors related to occupational and cargo safety, specifically examining the impact of the corona pandemic and extreme weather events on the operating environment.

2. Identifying the needs of collaborative and multisectoral risk management

The task is to build an overall picture of the factors affecting the systemic comprehensive security and safety status in ports and to search for suitable indicators for risk monitoring and evaluation. Alongside, it is possible to produce new methods and solutions for integrative multidisciplinary risk assessment in general.

3. Innovation and piloting

The task is to find creative and modern solutions for the promotion of comprehensive safety & security risk assessment and management, in the context of multisectoral port logistics community, using collaborative methods. By broadly involving partners from different organisations, the aim is to identify training needs and to come up with new methods and tools of working, to solve the jointly identified challenges.

Financing and implementation

The project is funded by EU React Program and has a total budget of € 567 112.
The implementation period is 01.07.2021 – 31.10.2023.


Southeast Finland University of Applied Sciences (lead applicant)
Joint Authority of Education of Kotka-Hamina Region Group 
– Kotka Maritime Research Association

Link to official website (at the moment, only in Finnish)


Implementation time

1.7.2021 - 31.10.2023