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The Mobile Port (mobiilisatama) project sought to create a new type of information centre for ports, which disseminates information to relevant actors and acts as a kind of air traffic control for the port’s cargo flows. The centre improves information flows and reduces congestion, mistakes, damages and negative environmental effects.

By reducing port congestion, the project aimed to reduce the risk of accidents, emissions and quality costs as well as improve the available services. New operational models and techniques also boost the region’s competitiveness by improving cost-effectiveness. The project pilot targeted ports in the Kymenlaakso region.

The Mobile Port project examined, for the firs time, the complete set of operations from a number of perspectives. Information exchange among port actors was central to ensuring operational efficiency. Each one of the port’s numerous actors operates independently and exchanges information with each other without sufficient knowledge of its partner’s operations, goals or challenges.

The information centre helps the port’s actors in their work and also provides a platform for informing everyone of possible problems. In practice, the information centre could also serve as a border queue management system, which could communicate advance information on traffic approaching the border.

The project was awarded the INNOSUOMI award in 2011.


Total budget 770,000 euros. Contributors: European Regional Development Fund, and Business Finland, and from the private sector Cursor Oy, HaminaKotka Satama Oy (previously Kotkan Satama Oy), KYMP Oy, SE Mäkinen Oy, Steveco Oy, Suomen 3C Oy, Oy TransPeltola Ltd and VR-Yhtymä Oy.


Kotka Maritime Research Associatoin (coordinator)
Turku University Brahea centre, Centre for Maritime Studies
Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences
Lappeenranta Technical University, Kouvola unit

Mobile Port brochure

Positioning technologies in product tracking

Posti. A., Pulli, H. & Tapaninen, U. In: Hammervoll, T. (ed.) Proceedings of The 23rd Annual NOFOMA Conference: Logistics and Supply Chain Management in a High North perspective, 9–10 June 2011, Harstad, Norway, pages 1005–1022. Saatavissa:

Implementation time

1.8.2009 - 31.12.2011