Drawing competition for kids organized in summer 2018

The Baltic Sea Village, together with the COMPLETE project, organized a drawing competition for kids aged 6 to 10 years old in spring 2018. The theme of the competition was ‘alien species’, and the drawings could present either real or imaginary creatures. A winner was drawn among all contestants, and given a family ticket to the Aquarium House Maretarium in Kotka.

All the works sent to the competition were displayed at the Baltic Sea Village event in Kotka on 25-28/07/2018. The gallery of the drawings can also be found below. We wish to thank all the participants for their artistic insight about alien species!

Joanna Lankila, Mermaid (Merenneito)

Veera Ropa, A Star (Tähti)

Aarni Kotilainen, Seafloor (Merenpohja)

Viljo Heiskanen, Light (Valo)

Veeti Alppirinne, Spiny fish (Piikkikala)

Minea Lankila, Rockpool shrimp (Silokatkarapu)

Lenny Korhonen, Ender portal (Enderportaali)

Aatu Kiiski, Monsterfish (Hirviökala)

Eino Hasko, Mosasaurus

Erin Hännikäinen, Bigfish (Iso-Kala)



International Evaluation of Research Activities Begins

The Kotka Maritime Research Centre is undertaking an evaluation of its research activities. The aim is to identify achievements and future priorities. In addition to scientific work, the evaluation covers societal interaction, which constitutes one of the Centre’s central priorities.

– Universities constantly undergo such evaluations, but this marks the first time a comprehensive evaluation is undertaken of scientific work at the Kotka Maritime Research Centre, explains Aalto University Professor Pentti Kujala.

In the context of the evaluation, experts will be hired both from Finland and abroad, marking a significant step in the process of developing the Kotka Maritime Research Centre. The evaluation is slated to begin in autumn 2018.