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Developing incident and near miss reporting in the maritime industry: a case study on the Baltic Sea

Storgård J., Erdogan I., Lappalainen J. & Tapaninen U. Transport Research Arena 2012 – Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 48 (2012), pp. 1010-1021.

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EU-project develops skills and increases safety capital of maritime domain

Seppälä J. & Salokorpi M. 2012. Baltic Rim Economies, Issues No.4, 15 October 2012. p.19.

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Handlings of liquid bulk chemicals in the BSR – The Baltic painting

Posti A. & Häkkinen J. Baltic Transport Journal 3/2012.

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Determination of collision criteria and causation factors appropriate to a model for estimating the probability of maritime accidents

Montewka J., Goerlandt F. & Kujala P. Ocean Engineering, 40: 50-61.

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Review of pilotage processes and indicators in pilotage organisations

Kunnaala V., Lappalainen J. & Tapaninen U. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s13437-012-0033-2.

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Increasing marine traffic challenges the Baltic Sea

Kujala P. Baltic Rim Economies, Quaterly Review, Issue No. 5, 14 December 2012, p. 5.

Influences of variables on ship collision probability in a Bayesian belief network model

Hänninen M. & Kujala P. 2012. Reliability Engineering and System Safety 102:27-40.

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Environmental risk assessment of most transported chemicals in sea and on land. An analysis of southern Finland and the Baltic Sea

Häkkinen J., Malk V., Penttinen O.-P., Mäkelä R. & Posti A. Töyli, J., Johansson, L., Lorentz, H., Ojala, L. and Laari, S.(Ed.) NOFOMA 2012 – Proceedings of the 24th annual Nordic logistics research network conference, 7-8 June 2012, Naantali, Finland.

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Influence of impact scenario models on collision risk analysis

Goerlandt F., Ståhlberg K. & Kujala P. Ocean Engineering 47: 74-87.

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Development of oil transportation in the Gulf of Finland

Brunila O-P. Baltic Rim Economies, Quaterly Review, Issue No. 4, 15 October 2012, p. 16.

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STOCA Fact Sheet

Englanniksi / In english.

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E-Port – Improving the efficiency of Finnish ports with intelligent systems

Posti, A. (ed.) Final report of the Mobile Port project. Publications from the Centre for Maritime Studies University of Turku, A 58.

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