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Systems of environmental innovation: sectoral and technological perspectives on ballast water treatment systems

Makkonen, T., Inkinen, T. WMU J Marit Affairs 2021.

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A global horizon scan of the future impacts of robotics and autonomous systems on urban ecosystems

Goddard, M.A., Davies, Z.G., Guenat, S. ... Inkinen, T. ... & M. Dallimer. Nature Ecology & Evolution 2021

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Spatial aspects of the dioxin risk formation in the Baltic Sea: A systematic review

Nevalainen L., Tuomisto J., Haapasaari P., and Lehikoinen A. Science of the Total Environment 753: 142185

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Integrated governance for managing multidimensional problems: potentials, challenges, and arrangements.

Haapasaari P., Ignatius S., Pihlajamäki M., Bryhn A., Sarkki S., Tuomisto J., Nevalainen L., Lehikoinen A., Assmuth T., Romakkaniemi A., Peltonen H., and Kuikka S. Marine Policy 123: 104276

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Implementing Bayesian networks for ISO 31000:2018-based maritime oil spill risk management: state-of-art, implementation benefits and challenges, and future research directions

Parviainen T., Goerlandt F., Helle I., Haapasaari P., and Kuikka S. Journal of Environmental Management 278: 111520

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