Scientific publications

A systemic hazard analysis and management process for the concept design phase of an autonomous vessel

Valdez Banda, O. A., Kannos, S., Goerlandt, F. van Gelder, P. H. A. J. M., Bergström, M. & Kujala, P. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 191.

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Risk frames and multiple ways of knowing: Coping with ambiguity in oil spill risk governance in the Norwegian Barents Sea

Parviainen, T., Lehikoinen, A., Kuikka, S. & Haapasaari, P. Environmental Science & Policy, 98, 95-111.

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Port Digitalization with Open Data: Challenges, Opportunities, and Integrations

Inkinen T., Helminen R. & Saarikoski J. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity 5(2), 30

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Review of risk-based design for ice-class ships

Kujala, P., Goerlandt, F., Way, B., Smith, D., Yang, M., Khan, F. & Veitch, B. Marine Structures, 63, 181-195.

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Shared socio-economic pathways extended for the Baltic Sea: exploring long-term environmental problems

Zandersen, M., Hyytiäinen, K. P., Meier, H. E. M., Tomczak, M. T., Barbara, B., Haapasaari, P. E., Olesen, J. E., Gustafsson, B. G., Refsgaard, J. C., Fridell, E., Pihlainen, S. O., Le Tissier, M. D. A., Kosenius, A-K. E. & van Vuuren, D. P. Regional Environmental Change, 19, 1073–1086.

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A Bayesian Network risk model for assessing oil spill recovery effectiveness in the ice-covered Northern Baltic Sea

Lu, L., Goerlandt, F., Valdez Banda, O., Kujala, P., Höglund, A. & Arneborg, L. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 139, 440-458.

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Evaluating complex relationships between ecological indicators and environmental factors in the Baltic Sea: A machine learning approach.

Lehikoinen, A. M., Olsson, J., Bergström, L., Bergstrom, U., Bryhn, A., Fredriksson, R., & Uusitalo, L. Ecological Indicators, 2019 / 101.

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Socio-cultural values as a dimension of fisheries governance: The cases of Baltic salmon and herring

Ignatius, S. H. M., Delaney, A., & Haapasaari, P. E. Environmental Science & Policy, 94, 1-8.

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Other publications

Study on commercial visibility and future cargo flows on the route Saimaa Lakes-Volgo Balt

Pantina, T. & Volkova, T. 2019, Admiral Makarov SUMIS

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Prosperous Future of Inland Waterways

Lybeck, T. 2019. South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

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Satamien digitalisaation nykytila Suomessa.

Saarikoski, J. & Helminen, R. 2019. Centre for Maritime Studies publications, University of Turku, Brahea Centre, B210.

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Start-ups, business investors and flow of music: contrasting two creative events in Helsinki, Finland.