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The international nature and traditions of maritime traffic present a number of safety challenges. While our maritime traffic has always been relatively free, the current rate of growth requires monitoring and guidance comparable to that of air traffic. Finland’s shipping companies have proven their competence in developing solutions for near miss situations and occupational and traffic safety challenges. The METKU project examined ways in which the safety culture in the maritime traffic sector can be improved.


A total budget of 730,000 euros. Part of the EU’s European Regional Development Fund programme for Southern Finland. The other contributors were the City of Kotka, the Coalition of Southern Finland’s Regions, and members of the business group


Kotka Maritime Research Association (coordinator)
Turku University Brahea Centre, Centre for Maritime Studies
Helsinki University of Technology
Kymenlaakso and Turku Universities of Applied Sciences

Tutkimuusjulkaisu 2009

Pekka Malvela (toim.), Kymenlaakson ammattikorkeakoulun julkaisuja, Sarja B.
ISBN (PDF) 978-952-5681-37-6

Maritime personnel’s safety attitudes

Jouni Lappalainen, Ulla Tapaninen. University of Turku Centre for Maritime Studies.
IAME2009 conference, “Understanding Shipping Markets”, Copenhagen the 24th – 26th of June 2009 (oral presentation, unpublished).

Implementation time

1.1.2008 - 31.12.2010